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i finished three books in march. but i also read several trashy magazines, so, it wasn't a complete wash.

first) shopaholic and baby by sophie kinsella. i've been waiting for this for over a year and it did not disappoint. becky's shenanigans were hilarious as usual and the writing was quick and snappy. very satisfying.

second) max acevedo writes vampire mysteries, effectively combining two genres i use to love more but now read as guilty pleasure. i read x-rated bloodsuckers and enjoyed it a lot, though probably not as much as his first novel. the mystery was completely impossible to figure out before the reveal, which was a little bit of a "big plot dump" at the end. but there were a lot of gunfights and hi-speed chases, and also some werewolves. so. fun, anyway.

third) after helpwess talked about this series i went to the library and picked up angus thongs and full-frontal snogging by louise rennison. i absolutely love this series! it's funny and smart, and not dumbed down for the intended ya audience. it's also not needlessly trashy like someother teen fiction i've browsed before. i'm very excited for the rest of them.

total for the year is up to 9. hopefully i can step it up over the summer.


i only finished two books for february.

1. son of a witch by gregory maguire. i read wicked with a great sense of anticipation, waiting for the part where elphaba's story intersects with the familiar dorothy bits. i enjoyed son of a witch more, in that respect. i had no expectations at all, and i really came to love liir's character. i liked that this story moved at a better pace, and you know i love a good homoerotic friendship, especially when it becomes a flat out gay relationship. next up from this author, i will probably try confessions of an ugly stepsister.

2. heat by bill buford. sometime earlier this month, i had the biggest epiphany: i love food, and i love books, ergo, i should be reading books about food!! it's so genius, and this book was so deeply enjoyable, so deliciously readable, i wish i were reading it still.

6 titles so far, for 2007


so, the one post per book didn't really pan out last year. i'm planning a dump post with the rest of the titles i finished last year. in the mean time, a new approach. one post per month. goal for 2007, 50 books.

1. wicked - gregory mcguire. really imaginative story-telling. loved it.

2. fluke - christopher moore. classic moore, very funny. the drive of the story-telling fell apart some toward the end, but it was still lots of fun to read.

3. you suck - christopher moore. a surprising sequel to the first christopher moore book i ever read, bloodsucking fiends with added in elements of a dirty job. i would suggest reading those two titles first to get the most enjoyment out of this one. i don't think it would stand up very well on its own. hilarious, though.

4. stupid & contagious - caprice crane. very funny, a love story without all the sappy bullshit of most "chick lit."
this book really cemented my distaste for snape. and i know that it had the exact opposite effect on lots of other people. it pisses me off to no end that he can't just grow up and get over his grudge against james potter and sirius black. everyone had someone to make them miserable in school and we all get over it. we don't take it out on the orphaned children of whichever jackass made us feel bad about ourselves when we were 14.

anyway, prisoner was the very first harry potter book i ever read. it's not my favorite, but i think rowling does an honestly good job with establishing the map and m.w.p.p. and snape and the shack, as i could follow along well from page one without knowing any of the preceding stories. the shack scene itself is pretty heavy on the info dump, but not to any real affect.

[prisoner of azkaban]


on some points, i feel like this is the weakest book in the series. the fact that tom's basilisk never kills anyone is so contrived, but the fact that it exists, hiding under that school is just so wicked twisted. the vileness of what marvolo does to ginny is really well-handled, also. plus, i like harry.

[chamber of secrets]


peter pan - j. m. barrie

i almost couldn't believe i'd never read the unabridged peter pan, but i know i would have remembered this one. sometimes classics don't measure up, but barrie is just a flat out genius.

this is perfect mix of depth and fantasy, darkness and humor. the character or peter is so infuriating and maddening, and at the same time, i wanted to protect and care for him. i really loved it.

[peter pan]


a soldier comes back from the war in iraq having been turned into a vampire. this was a quick read, but it was exciting, mysterious and funny. kinda gorey, but not bad. very much in the vein of christopher moore.

[nyphos of rocky flats]


the tricky part - martin moran

this is a beautifully written memior about a very hard-to-stomach subject. it deals with child molestation and addiction without laspsing into sensationalism.

[the tricky part]


swapping lives - jane green

an upper middle class married woman and a british magazine editor switch lives to see whose got greener grass. a lot of time is spent exploring these women separately and you're really allowed to like them a lot, but ultimately the book was just dull. there were some story points i wasn't really expecting that were pleasantly surprising, but the ending is sugary sweet and it didn't feel honest.

[swapping lives]


dry - augusten burroughs

this was my second read of augusten's rehab memoir. this is definitely my favourite of his biographies, and i am infinitely impressed at the deft way he navigates the horrors of his addiction and recovery. it takes talent and heart to make alcoholism funny.